NOT RECOMMENDED: The Turning by Francine Prose

Title: The Turning

Author: Francine Prose

Review: 6/10

Reviewer: Davon

The Turning more than anything, is a boring book.  It starts out with little action, tries to build suspense through cliff-hanger endings chapter by chapter, but ultimately leads to nowhere. The action is not very exciting.  The main character will sit in the book, or see a ghost passing by, but won’t actually drive the action or make things happen. It’s one of the few books I saw down to read word by word, because I knew it was supposed to be a little confusing.  But by the climax, the main character finds a key to a room he wasn’t allowed in.  That’s it.

These aren’t scary ghosts, these are just evil spirits who pass by.   Or are they?  By the end of the book, there were no answers, and while I know I was meant to question the reality of things, I went back through the book and failed to find the answers to help me even make an educated guess about what all was happening in the book the whole time.

Although Francine Prose has authored more than ten other books before this one, I must admit they must be much more interesting than this one.  I can’t imagine an author getting published for the first time for a book like this.  I can’t imagine any author getting published for a book like this.  Nor can I imagine many readers enjoying a book like this.


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