Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Title: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Reviewer: Will

Rating: 10/10

One of the best aspects of Ready Player One is how believable the book is.  You can easily imagine it happening because the world seems to be moving on that exact trajectory.  It takes place in a world with a society and cities that lay in half-ruins.  Global warming hurt a lot of the world that makes hiring a pain and living an extremely cramped ordeal. People’s homes and treasures are destroyed, causing everyone to be broke and homeless. These people now live on the edges of cities that are still functional in trailers stack upon each other.

There is a completely new, innovative social media that includes schools, jobs, games, entertainment, libraries, and everything in between.  This has become the new life–everyone escaping to the new program, OASIS because it’s fun and their real lives are crappy. I can easily see this happening in the coming century: like in the book, no one really cares about global warming so no one prepares.  Our focuses are on the electronic field, making things faster and better, combining technology, etc. etc. etc.

Everyone gets involved with OASIS; it is like life except “better.” This brings the look to a new level of realism, everyone would be drawn to anything OASIS life because you have more control than real life. Companies try to become a part of OASIS by making ads. Big corporations try to seize  a good business opportunity even though it would make things harder so so many people.  The corporations start to threaten the public’s ways of life and they rise up against the corporations.  It has happened in history and a blueprint for the future, giving Ready Player One a new depth of realism.


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